RAPETTI GIUSEPPE & C. was established in the early sixties as a manufacturer of farm machinery, thanks to the design and production on the international market of the POWER MOWER (patented) with adjustable lateral bar.

In 1969, the standard production of farm machinery was flanked by the creation of a range of machinery for the construction sector, such as CLEANERS for reinforcing panels and planks.
In this sector too, RAPETTI proved to be ahead of its time with the production of the first cleaners made in Italy.

MIXERS for pre-mixed products were the next articles to be designed and built, along with circular SAWS with adjustable blades.
The “MATTONET” has recently been built for the cleaning and recovery of old bricks and stones for use as covering.

To better respond to current market demands, the RAPETTI product range has been extended, with the entry into production of the “POWER” range of CLEANERS, thanks to which the company from Acqui succeeds in combined the advantageous economic aspect for the type of machine with all the experience and quality which have always characterised it, together with attractive and functional aesthetics.

RAPETTI products are distributed throughout the country by a close network of DEALERS and AGENTS, offering everyone the chance to learn about them and buy them.
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